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Industrial design Bachelor at IBERO, CDMX

RMIT, Melbourne.


I am an Industrial Designer with a passion for creativity and innovation. I consider myself a talented and hardworking person, with a friendly and outgoing personality. I excel at problem-solving and leading projects, always working closely with diverse teams.


I firmly believe that sustainable design is essential to changing the world and contributing to a better future. Maintaining a design mindset focused on sustainability is fundamental to achieving a positive impact.


My experience in different roles has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills, including Project Management, account management, graphic design, social media management, content creation, furniture design, and event setup management, among others. This diversity has given me a comprehensive vision of projects, and I am always seeking new opportunities to learn and refine my skills.


I have a deep passion for interior design, retail design, window dressing, and visual merchandising, including organizing events and pop-ups in the retail design area.

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